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. Bachelorette Unique Parties

Bachelorette unique party is the party when the bachelorette spends some wild yet nice time with her friends who have been with her during her early years. It is not necessary that bachelorette unique parties have to be hot and wild. But if you choose that route look no further then SavageManiaNYC.  If you are planning bachelorette party New York and looking for unique ideas then given below are some themes and activities that can be enjoyed at bachelorette unique fantasy parties.
Some Popular Ideas for Bachelorette Unique Parties are pinning the Macho on the Man, the banana eating contest and hide the sausage. Of course the last one is usually played with and by a male exotic dancer, in fact you could use all of the games and ideas on the stripper to make it even more fun. Other unique bachelorette parties consist of getting all the attendees in their underwear, downing 4 strong shots in a row, turning of all the lights and then have everyone make out.

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